Advance Your Bodybuilding Program - Simple How To Guide


As you continue with your bodybuilding program, there is a need for you to add an increased amount of difficulty to continue your progress. If you are not advancing the difficulty of your workout program, there is a tendency that you will hit a progress plateau. Luckily, to advance your workout program isn't that problematic and difficult. All you need to do is keep a few important keys in mind. There are plenty of ways you can safely push the barriers of your body's capabilities. The tips below are only a few of those important ways.
The Key Details to Advance Your Bodybuilding Program:
  • Alter your workouts - Take an effort to alter your workouts and/or exercises. For example, rather than doing back squat, do a front squat. Rather than doing grip bench press, do a regular bench press.

  • New Exercises - Find and try proven workouts that you have never done in the past. This will challenge the muscles in your body to perform at a higher level.

  • Shorter Rest Periods - The shorter your rest periods, the harder you are pushing your body. Keep in mind that when you follow this advice, make sure that you are keeping your proper form. Otherwise, injury might occur.

  • More Reps - Increasing your reps will mean that your body is going to push harder as you will be performing more reps per set.

  • Superset - Super-setting pertains to a workout that combines two exercises. You will do these two exercises back to back, with no rest period in between. This is an effective way of increasing muscular endurance, improving strength and boosting the metabolism.

  • Drop Set - Performing a drop set is simple. You start with a set using your usual weight. Then, drop 5 pounds and do another set. Finally, drop another 5 pounds and do another set before moving on.

  • Program Split - If you are doing full-body exercise or workout, try doing an upper-lower split or vice versa. However, avoid body parts split since they are not that effective.

  • Exercise Ball - Try to integrate an exercise ball, also know as a stability ball, to your common routines like lateral raise, bicep curl or shoulder press.

  • More Weight - Adding more weight is the simplest way of progressing your workouts.

  • Switching Weights - If you commonly used barbells, then switch to dumbbells or vice versa. You could also switch to using cables or something that is entirely different.

  • Kettle-bells - Using kettle-bells are one of the fastest growing fitness trends. Kettle-bells have been popular in Russia for quite some time now. This is because Kettle-bells are easier to handle and known to bring faster results.
Bottom Line
To advance your bodybuilding program, make sure that you continually add one or two new methods into your regular routine. However, don't integrate too many new methods or exercises at once. This may overload your system, causing injury and health issues. The important thing is to add new elements on a regular basis. Follow the tips mentioned above whenever you experience a progression plateau. Don't be discouraged and keep at it. Sooner or later, you will be progressing again.
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