bodybuilding basics-What's the most important bodybuilding basics for beginners?

bodybuilding basics-What's the most important bodybuilding basics for beginners?

The most important bodybuilding basics for beginners :


To play a game of art depends on the exploitation of the mind bodybuilding basics
Before the muscles where you are sculpting your body as the sculptor does but the difference he sculpts
In a fixed material that does not affect any outside factor so it is easy to form as he wants
Unlike bodybuilding, where you are sculpted in flesh and blood, eBay is influenced by an external influence
Such as mental and mood conditions such as sleep schedules, feeding methods and quality of work
Which is mastered and finally the factors of inheritance for each of us advantages and disadvantages genetics we find
People are already characterized by a large arm and does not need anything but the drool of
Exercise to show muscular muscles and some of them have strong genetically shoulder muscles do not exist
A perfect person if the intelligent is the one who assesses himself to know the strengths in him to focus on
And weaknesses to develop and try to focus more.

2 Second:

We practice bodybuilding basics rather than lifting
Weight and weight between the concerned do not ask you to bear the highest weight you can count
Then repeat your energy and you can not complete the exercise, but you must know it
There is no fixed weight to force the muscle to grow, but there is the appropriate weight
It varies from one individual to another, which varies from one exercise to another, for example on a day you can carry bodybuilding basics
70 kilos in the chest exercise and then came in the next exercise for the chest and could not
The increase is about 60 kilos, so do not be surprised that the different conditions of this exercise from the previous is
The reason and not the suicide of your level and the intention of this talk that do not weigh in your mind
You have to bear it every time, but listen to your body and dictate to you
As I said is construction and not achieving record numbers, the most important thing you should ask
Do you benefit from my muscle pain?
70 or 60 or even 50 kilos is important to benefit and achieve muscle fatigue
The golden rule is that the best weight you can achieve with your muscle mass is what you can reach
Its 6 to 8 recurrence or the weight achieved by the strength of the muscle is what can work 4 to
6 recurrence of Bakad and higher than 8 recurrence achieves an increase in muscle strength
For effort, so it must be a combination of these types to get the most benefit, however
The beginner must not be less than 10 times in the group for the distance from any risk of injury

3 III.

You should learn to diversify in your training program for bodybuilding basics
Each time comes to play the same routine of exercises, as you are tired, your muscles wear off
Like you should therefore diversify in training and organize your training before entering the gym
What exercises you will play, the number of groups and the frequency and leave the size of weights
To determine yourself during the exercise depending on your ability on that day today is not
Camels and not as adults every exercise has its own circumstances and the most important thing as I have already indicated that
You feel that your muscle has been properly stretched to realize the magnitude and not the shape that presents you
For injury.

4 Fourth:

Learn about proper feeding methods and get away bodybuilding basics
Bodybuilding basics About steroids as much as your invention or at least until you understand and learn who suits you
Maltreatment is effective in this way and avoids any risks that may be caused to you
Do not rush to give your body a period of coffee and consult with those with experience in this area.

5 Fifth:

Pay attention to the warm-up work needed to start the exercise bodybuilding basics
Not less than 5 minutes in summer and 15 minutes in winter to avoid injury as well as the importance of work bodybuilding basics
Stretch the muscle after completion to avoid any injury be on the beginning of formation and relaxation
Raffles worked bodybuilding basics and revitalized the muscles well.


Take aerobic sessions at least twice a week
To activate the blood circulation and rid the body of any amount of excess fat and to lift the sufficiency
Breathing and lung,bodybuilding basics which affects positively on exercise weights, and unfortunately many of us neglected
This is the point ..bodybuilding basics

7 Seventh:

It is not best to build a huge and aesthetically pleasing muscle
From training with free weights while perfecting the performance of the exercise bodybuilding basics in the correct way
Playing without mastery is counterproductive and leads to deformities in the overall structure
For the body and blemishes injuries are indispensable.

8 Eighth:

Attention to regular massage sessions bodybuilding basics and on
Take a rest for a week to get away from the exercise and enjoy the time bodybuilding basics
In useful things every time period 3 to 4 months to promise to treat and treat any injury
Update and modify the program bodybuilding basics and make great progress.

9 Ninth:

Do not forget to take measurements before
And now do not neglect it to know if your exercise system bodybuilding basics is good or your diet is excellent bodybuilding basics
Or not to modify or change anything wrong in your system bodybuilding basics in order to gain time and accelerate development
Your body.

Look forward about all bodybuilding basics.

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