How does this man get rid of 47 kg of fat?

It is no longer possible to lose weight when Joey decides to lift the weights, which enables him to understand the true meaning of the diet.

Since "Joey Paytk" was 4 years old and he does not have the courage to remove his shirt. "It was the last time I saw my pictures and I did not notice any slouch in my belly."

For Joey, obesity was his only job and he was in fourth grade, where most children enjoyed their daily games.

"I remember my weight loss attempt when I was in primary school where I lost 5 kilos full." Unfortunately, this figure continued to decline throughout the high school days until it stabilized at 85 kg and 182 cm at the beginning of the second year.

"I was in the best form, but after the university, my activity was much less. Most of my friends were attending parties, eating pizza and other pastries. My weight has increased by 45 kilograms. "Then I realized it was time for change and reform."

Genetics may have a role in Joey's weight, but with perseverance and good attachment, he is able to change his habits and throw more than half the fat out of the body.

Joey Patek, what prompted you to change? We understand from your words that you suffered a lot with obesity. Do you think it is a lack of activities for a child or is it a hereditary factor?

I feel that the genetic side played a role in this, because my mother was running and participating in the organized marshes in Indianapolis to lose the weight gain after carrying me and my brother, adding that my father weighs 105 kg and has a loose stomach.

It was not only about nutrition, nor did I ever feel that I ate more than my peers. Most of our food was prepared at home by my mother, but compared to what I know today, the meals were full of carbohydrates and calories. However it was better compared to the meals prepared at McDonald's restaurants. I ate like others, but gained weight anyway.

What did exercise add to your life?

In my childhood and in my spare time, I spent most of my time outside the house in fun and play, but with time my activities declined and I did not get out. When I was in seventh grade my father separated and there was not much to do with my mother, so I spent most of my time playing on the PlayStation 2 with my brother, which meant sleep and lack of activity.

It was not long before I changed my habits. When I am 15 I buy a BMX bike where I ride for about 4 to 5 hours a day but to no avail, everything seems to be against me when it comes to losing weight, maybe because my body used to overweight.

What is your first step to getting fit?

At the beginning, I was interested in how to lose some kilograms. I moved from 90 kg. I did not study in the first year of college to 85 kg in the second year. Although I was not on the right track, I was relieved by what I noticed in my mother. She ran three miles (five kilometers) a day to keep things under control, and I could only imitate them.

I did not understand the concept of nutrition, I thought that it was to reduce eating and increase exercise, so burning a lot of fat, but the problem that I did not to my goal, although the shape of my mother was graceful, and strange that we eat the same quotas, it was 152 cm long Just.

All my friends ate regular meals, where I ate vegetables and a piece of reddish chicken. However, I was starving after the meal. I got rid of the usual weight, but in the summer, came back again before I entered the third year collectors to 9 kg.

After all this, how was the chance to catch up with fitness again?

By spring she lost 9 kg. When I first started my relationship, my eating habits began to change and I became more and more indulgent. Whenever my friend wanted something to eat at night, I had no objection to taking her, which led to obesity and weight gain. After university entrance I broke the relationship with her and I did not care about anything anymore, I was confused on all things and did not know what to do. After graduation my weight was 136 kg.

What made you watch out for you?

I have provided myself with many excuses, which allowed me to gain 45 kg. I did not grow my body weight for 4 years, my clothes became narrower and each time wider. I was worried about my weight but I did not care until I found myself 136 KG. At this point, I knew that it was necessary to change my habits and my behavior, otherwise it could get worse considering the horrific situation I had reached. Already, I started to follow some healthy habits, especially when my friend started to exercise, took the opportunity and started looking for fitness.

How was your companion's role in pushing you to practice?

My friend gained about 9 kg but nothing to worry about, though, he was able to change his body shape to the best and I was really amazed at what I saw in the summer compared to what it was in winter, he was sleeping with me and it was enough for me to realize that On my audit, my friend works 10 hours a day and yet goes to the gym to run and practice. He had no excuse, the same for me. I was studying 5 hours a day and there was no reason why I should not exercise.

Was it easy?

All in all, I wore my sneakers and started running and running. I thought I would find out what I missed during the study period, but the truth was elusive, yet I continued to run every day. On the third day, I could not stand the pains that I was experiencing at the level of my leg and I did not imagine that she would take me to my apartment where I lived.

So I relaxed a bit and became Atmrn 3 times a week, with the use of alcoholic drinks, she told me that she will help me in that, I did not pay attention to my absence only after my friend pointed out that what I do not help me at all

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